After 25 years Friendtex became one of the most famous fashion labels in Scandinavia. What is being presented on international catwalks, is evaluated critically and creativly by Friendtex designers. Every season they create one of the most miscellaneous and wide collection of Denmark.

Marina Gökcesu leads Friendtex in german regions Berlin, Brandenburg, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen. I have designed for her a business card as well as a website, which can be updated easily.

  • Kunde — Friendtex Regionalleitung Marina Gökcesu
  • Agentur — Freelance
  • Zeitraum — 07/2010
  • Rolle — Screendesign / Image editing / Corporate Design

tl_files/images/Friendtex/friendtex_00.jpgtl_files/images/Friendtex/friendtex_06.jpgDas Bild zeigt das Screendesign der Friendtex Website für die Regionalleiterin Marina Gökcesu.tl_files/images/Friendtex/friendtex_07.jpg

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